Need That Car To Spend for Itself ? Wrap It !

A week in the paper or 3 years of a mobile signboard ?

Vinyl De Signs is your best option for vehicle graphics from style to production and installation.
Whether you should cover the car in visuals natural beauty or simply add cut vinyl lettering. we’re your
one stop source for Creative Visual Interaction Solutions that give you captivating audiences and increased business.

Car graphics are a proven affordable method of advertising.
Your car is “seen” anywhere it goes, also when it’s idle, waiting or parked.

Photos and text will drive the customer to your location, website, task, service or whatever your message goal is.

Be in long or short-term messages, we supply a range of products and methods to effectively market your occasion,
activity, or business within your budget plan. That includes sticker and custom-made decals!
Whether a logo contact number on the doors, or a full dimension picture sprayed around the whole surface area
of the vehicle, vehicle or van, this visual communication will certainly work 24/7 for you.

Benefits of a Vehicle Wrap

  • Prevents stone chip, general wear and tear, scratches and weathering unlike paint which chips away
  • Does not fade in the sun unlike paint
  • Affordable method of advertising. Bring your ad with you everywhere you go!
  • Premium 3M material is made to last. Make your car look like brand new.

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Lucky Lock Smith Full Service Van Wrap WEB (3 of 4)Why Vehicle Wraps are a Good Investment

Working on shoe-string budgets amidst stiff competition in a lack luster economy makes it difficult for businesses to even keep afloat. And, merely having a name and a telephone number is no longer enough to achieve that competitive edge, for in a cut-throat world, businesses have to advertise and project themselves in order to be in the running. Many struggle to choose a cost-effective advertising medium that can reach out to a large section of people in the shortest time. Vehicle Wraps may just be the solution that they are looking for and are being considered a rather good investment.

We’ve heard of wraps that women use to cover themselves, but vehicle wraps? Well, it’s a fairly new and successful concept that seems to be doing the rounds just now and as the words suggest, it means wrapping up your car or vehicle attractively and in a captivating way so that a business can advertise and promote itself.  After all, vehicles are constantly on the road and these “moving works of art” are a sure, low budget way to catch the eye of thousands of people on the road every single day. And even when the vehicle is parked, it’s sure to attract attention.

In short, vehicle wraps promise to work for businesses, regardless of whether the owner is awake or asleep, whether working or idling, whether in town or out. One couldn’t get a stronger promoter or a greater advocate for the business. Customers are driven by the message goal of companies that vehicle wraps afford; more customers than ever before are viewing these ‘arty messages’ and taking the opportunity to satisfy their curiosity by either visiting the location or the website to find out more about the services offered.

With printing and wrapping become easier and cheaper and vinyl and technology Improving by leaps and bounds, graphic designs are a sure advancement over paint that has the disadvantage of chipping and getting scratched. Graphic images, used in vehicle wraps, are first printed on an adhesive hi-tech vinyl film and then stuck directly on the vehicle. Vehicle owners could either have a full wrap that covers every inch of their cars or trucks or a partial one that is stuck on to a particular portion of the vehicle.

Vinyl Designs offers high quality printing and claims to use the highest rated materials for vehicle wraps; its stencil inspired decals are so stunning that they look as if they are actually painted on the body of the vehicle. What’s more, these decals can be produced in many colors and shapes and can be removed easily. They remain bright and untarnished even when exposed to sunlight unlike paint that dulls, and the premium 3M material used is stated to be very durable.

Television ads, radio ads and, billboard ads and even newspaper ads are being pushed into the background  with this vinyl wonder –‘Vehicle Wraps’ that works on low installation and maintenance costs but with lots and lots of exposure.

According to recent research conducted by Frost & Sullivan, “one of the main reasons for the success of the vehicle wraps is their affordability and reachability compared to radio, television and other media.” The research also notes that the latter have a short lifespan and has just 30 seconds to capture the attention of an audience, whereas vehicle wraps work non-stop, throughout the year, through fair weather and foul, tirelessly and silently. Clearly, the bells seem to be pealing in their favor and it does seem as if this one-time investment that lasts years and creates millions of impressions is a good gamble.

In fact, according to the Traffic Audit Bureau, the “ vehicles using fleet vehicle wraps have the possibility of causing up to 16,000,000 impressions a year with  43,835 people seeing the message that is provided on the vehicle.” The fact that the ordinary individual commutes for more than two hours every day either by bus, train or car translates into that many people noticing the vehicle wraps. Vehicle wraps indeed seem to be a good investment proposition.