Brand Identity. Your very first step. And the most important one.

Need to define your brand or business identity ? How about a brand new logo or a graphic design?

Here is Vinyl De Signs we have a team of professionals that can bring your vision to life! Using state of the art technology and the latest design software, we are more than capable of creating a professional image for your company. Trust in our 20+ years of experience to deliver images worth of an Oscar!

Starting a new company? Your company branding & logo are your very first steps into the world of business. That is why you need a strong identity that will clearly show the world what your company stands for. A well designed logo will become an icon and become memorable. People will remember your logo every time they see it. Let us design your logo with outstanding results and fast delivery times.

Need a new image? Re-branding? We can deliver. We know. You made a logo a few years ago. You defined your brand in that time with some unique colors and maybe a custom logo. People used to like it. You used to love it.  Now, time has passed and your identity needs to be refreshed. Your logo looks old and your colors are bland. Re-branding could be a very scary step to take, but is one of the most rewarding ones you can take to bring your company to new standards. When you allow us to re-brand your company, rest assured that we will work 1 on 1 to make sure your new image is not only amazing, but also is effective. People will fall in love again with your brand. Make your customers excited with a brand new image.

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Our Design Team one key objective: Enable our clients to achieve the business outcomes they envision.


Logo Design Packages

Iconic Logo

  • Interview with Designer
  • 1 Concept
  • Two Reviews
  • 5 Days to Completition

Illustrative Logo

  • Interview with Designer
  • 2 Concepts
  • 3 Reviews
  • One hour 1 on 1 with designer

VIP/Mascot Logo

  • Interview with Designer
  • 3 Concepts
  • Up to 6 reviews
  • Up to 3 hours 1 on 1 with designer