Business Card for KA DENTAL
Business Card for La Cosinita Latina
Back side of Business Card for KA DENTAL
Business Card for La Cosinita Latina

Why Business Cards still important?

Business card reflects your brand and image.

A well-polished design implies integrity and professionalism.
When you choose to “go cheap” on your business cards, what message does that send to those with whom you wish to do business?

Let Vinyl De Signs help you make the best decision on your next business cards project.

101 Business cards

Many people overlook the worth of getting an expertly done business card that accurately reflects your  image, however this little piece of paper will be a very important a part of your business image.
It’s usually the primary impression  prospects receive from you, thus it is your initial chance to form a robust, positive impression on them.

The preponderance of homemade on-line business-card printing is a remarkable and somewhat worrying development.
With restricted exceptions, it is straightforward to identify inexpensively made business cards.
Once you favor to “go cheap” on your business cards, what message does that send to those with whom you wish to do business?
Are you really doing yourself any favors by missing the opportunity to start building a positive brand image right from the start?

Cheaper is not better when it involves first impressions.
Provide to your future clients  a good initial impression with the following tips and tactics:

Design Tips

Tip #1: Hire a seasoned and skilled designer unless you have the requisite skills to design your  business card yourself.
Ideally, this person will design your other stationary needs (letterhead, brochures, etc.), thus it will be intuitive to keep the same image.

Tip #2: Keep it easy.
Business cards are usually simply 3.5″ x 2″ (except once they are not–see below), thus, you do not have an excessive amount of space to work with.
Do not create a huge logo and the type to small which will be hard to read, and do not be afraid to leave blank spaces.

Tip #3: Stay with standard business  card size–unless you are the adventurous kind.
There are many possibilities you can do with a 3.5″ x 2″ card to differentiate yourself (e.g., rounded corners), but using other sizes you are taking unnecessary risks.
A corner-rounded card, for example, is sort of unforgettable, however it definitely will not slot in normal business-card holder devices.
You want to be willing to trade convenience for memorability if you select associate unconventional form or size.

Content Tips
Tip #4: Be deliberate in selecting the knowledge to look on your card.
What’s most important? Your name definitely must be there, in conjunction with the name of your company (via your logo), your sign and your e-mail address.
If there is room left you will be able to add your physical address, mobile number and company web site address is a must.
Do not stage things to close or  too much–as with the look, less complicated and cleaner is usually better.

Tip #5: Keep the rear blank, or use it for non-critical data.
How usually can individuals see the back of your business card? Traditionally card designs assume that the backside is blank.
Business cards are intended to promote your whole identity; they should not be confused with advertising.

The Bottom Line
Think about how other people use their business cards that will help you creating yours.
Cheaply made business cards make you think twice about a person or company represented!

Avoid making the same mistakes other have done by planning your business card.
Make certain it is a positive reflection of each you and your company, and it mirrors your well-defined whole identity.


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